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If you need to move heavy machinery between sites or to storage, trust the best rigging service in the Cincinnati, OH area. At Camo Crane Rental we offer fast, safe, and quality rigging of heavy machinery and equipment. You can rest easy knowing that your machinery will reach its destination in a safe manner and won’t be damaged along the way. This is what makes us the most trusted rigging service in the area.

We only hire the most experienced, professional, and responsible riggers to help move your machinery. From cranes to generators, our team has the expertise and training that is needed to get your equipment where it needs to go. If you have a tight schedule, we’ll help you meet it. From one piece to multiple pieces, we can handle the job. We have the staff numbers, state-of-the-art equipment, and expertise to handle any rigging job.

We will not rest until all of your machinery has been moved to its new location in a safe and effective manner. Our customers are important to us; we aren’t satisfied until your equipment is sitting safe in its new location. This is the level of service that has made us the most trusted rigging company in the area.

If you have heavy machinery that needs moving in the Cincinnati, OH area, call the rigging experts at Camo Crane Rental. We’ll get your machinery moved fast, safe, and undamaged, every time.

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